About Us

Our Vision

We are committed to capacity building for our company, our clients and our partners. 

Our Values

Professionalism, integrity and credibility.

Our Objective

We intend to continuously empower the communities around us through business opportunities.

Our Mission

Provide cohesive tailored solutions to our clients from the wide range of expertise available and hence providing wide pool of business solution in the industry.


We do the right things and never compromise our values.
We honor our agreements and are honest in our communications.


We are committed to creating a workplace:
That is safe, where diversity is valued, that thrives on teamwork and leadership, where individuals are treated fairly and with respect, where all have the opportunity to expand their skills, where all can take advantage of new opportunities and where accomplishments are recognized.


The Ngoboyi Competitive Edge


No matter how good our products, services, process and performance, we are dedicated to making them better. Service excellence is our central focus. Maintaining this focus will allow us to meet and exceed our targets.

Promise Delivery

We set ourselves high goals because of our belief that we can do great things. We treat these goals as promises to our clients and ourselves. Our continued success depends on keeping our promises

Quality Control

Quality control and assurance are entrenched in our processes. This ensures that we deliver quality products and services to our clients. Our quality control system spells out management and staff responsibilities and ensures that the following are executed efficiently and effectively:

• Product and service procurement
• Product inspection, identification and testing
• Product handling, storage and delivery
• Review of contracts
• Control of designs
• Corrective and preventative actions
• Quality audits
• Training

Health and Safety

We are committed to health, safety and environment to create, promote and maintain conducive and safe workplace environment. Our set of policies and systems provide guidance on:

• Operational control
• Managing contractors
• Emergency preparedness and response
• Managing incidents and Accidents
• Managing risk and any changes in processes and structures
• Managing the environment where we operate
• Awareness, training and competence
• Monitoring, evaluations and reviews

Customer Centric and Driven

We succeed by exceeding customer expectations. Each contact with a customer is an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.